How do I obtain and update my device drivers?

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Find and download the driver with relevance to the Windows version on your PC through, as illustrated below. Right-click on the audio driver (e.g. NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device ) and select Uninstall device, as shown. Right-click on the driverand selectUninstall device as depicted below. With this, you are all set up so you can just press Clean and Restart.

How To Fix Low System Resources On Windows 10/11

Continue reading the article to learn how to reinstall the audio drivers. View our driver software indexand locate your interface’s manufacturer. Click it to view their page, find your product, then download and install the latest compatible driver software. We recommend uninstalling the current driver and then removing the device before reinstalling.

Maintaining your PC or laptop all the while keeping a tab on its well-being can seem like a amd drivers hassle sometimes, with all the system recovery and troubleshooting option menus. Yet, a net user cannot forego without removing bugs or other optional updates that might help correct their audio output device in their Windows 11 PC. Nevertheless, here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you reinstall the audio drivers in Windows 11 and the smooth running of your PC. If your computer can’t find Realtek high definition audio driver, you can switch to its official website to download and install the driver manually.

Uninstalling drivers on your Mac is a horse of a different color. With macOS 10.14 , Nvidia GPUs have become incompatible. If your Mac has NVIDIA graphics cards, upgrading to 10.14 Mojave leads to sluggish performance. You can also try to update all Windows drivers including graphics card driver to latest & compatible using Automatic Driver Update Tool. You can get this tool through button/link below.

Installing NVIDIA Drivers from the Command Line:

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How to install drivers from NVIDIA

Then, you can right-click on the NVIDIA driver you want to uninstall and then select Uninstall from the pop-up menu to uninstall the NVIDIA driver. You can also select that NVIDIA driver and then click Uninstall/Change next to Organise to uninstall that NVIDIA driver. When you install a new hardware driver, Windows automatically attempts to create a new System Restore checkpoint.

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