Jennifer Strom, M.A., ATP

Jennifer Strom, M.A., ATP is an Assistive Technology Specialist and consultant with over 12 years of experience teaching and working in special education. She is a RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professional, is certificated in AT and AAC assessment procedures and practice, and has worked at Claremont Graduate University both as a credential program coordinator and as an adjunct professor teaching innovative and assistive technology. Jennifer holds education specialist credentials in Moderate/Severe Disabilities and Physical and Health Impairments, and has taught students with a wide range of access and communication support needs from grades PreK-8. Prior to beginning her consulting career, she also served as both a Program Specialist focusing on Moderate/Severe population and District AT Specialist. Jennifer is passionate about supporting equitable student access to the school environment, resources, and learning opportunities, and focuses on integrating teaching and support strategies with AT tools to create comprehensive plans for student success.